Sydney’s Best Vietnamese Street Food

Saigon Lane serves up a unique and cheeky twist on Sydney’s Vietnamese culinary culture. We offer a range of light and healthy dishes including sharing plates, street food and vegan options.

Saigon Lane has two restaurants – Bondi and Glebe, as well as two tuck shops in Sydney CBD and Darlinghurst. Our scooters also deliver food across Sydney, rewarding loyal repeat customers with special promotions including free dishes.

Sharing Plates Price
Green rice fried tiger prawns with sriracha mayo, lettuce wraps & fragrant herbs (2 per serve)(GF) 11
Vegetable spring rolls with ginger nuoc cham & lettuce wrap (2 per serve) (V) (GF) 9
Pok Pok chicken wings, crispy fried with sweet chilli (GF) 10
Vietnamese spring roll - Nem Ran with pork, prawns, carrots, lettuce wrap, nuoc cham (2 per serve)(GF) 9
Traditional Peking duck pancakes (2 per serve) 8.5
Sweet potato fries with Saigon seasoning & Sriracha mayo (GF)(V - w/o sauce) 7.5
Rice Paper Rolls (2 per serve) Price
Sliced Raw Tuna, pickled vegetables, lettuce, sesame seeds, coriander, mint & soy wasabi dressing(GF) 13
Chicken & Prawn, pickled vegetables, vermicelli, herbs, hoisin peanut dressing 8
Braised Pork, vermicelli, spring onion, cucumber, herbs, hoisin peanut dressing 8
Tofu, mushroom, lettuce, mint & basil (V)(GF) 8
Chicken, corn, mushroom, avocado,vermicelli, lettuce, mint & basil 8
Prawn, corn, avocado, vermicelli,pickled carrot, lettuce, mint & basil 8
Bánh Cuốn (3 per serve) Price
Pork, wood ear mushroom, garlic, ginger, spring onion, fish dipping sauce                        11
Tofu, carrot & mushroom (V) (GF) 11
Bánh Mì Price
Poached Chicken with chicken pate, spring onion, mint & coriander 9.5
Vietnamese coleslaw, crispy silken tofu, crispy shallots, mushrooms, green chilli dressing(V) 9
Succulent Pork belly, Vietnamese salad, herbs, sriracha mayo 9.5
Dumplings Price
Pork & chive dumplings (4) 8
Prawn & garlic chives dumplings (3)                                               8
Pan Fried spinach & tofu (3) (V) 7.5
Pork char siu bun (1) 4
Steamed Bao (2 per serve) Price
Succulent pork belly with pickled cucumber, spring onions, coriander, lettuce & hoisin sauce 12
Vietnamese pulled duck with hoisin, pickled vegetables & herbs 12
Salads Price
Poached and Shredded Chicken, Vietnamese Coleslaw & nuoc cham (GF) 15
Lemongrass beef with star anise, Vermicelli & herbs (GF) 14
Edamame & avocado salad with soba noodles, ponzu dressing & crispy sesame rice crackers (V) (GF) 17
Tofu, mushroom, lettuce, mint & basil (V)(GF) 8
Add chicken or crispy pork 5
Add salmon 8
Mushroom & tofu, sprouts, spring onion & fresh herbs (V) (GF) 14
Add chicken or crispy pork 5
Tofu, mushroom, lettuce, mint & basil (V)(GF) 8
Traditional Vietnamese noodle soup Price
Braised beef or chicken, rice noodles, bean sprouts, herbs & spices in broth (GF) 15
Vegan - mixed asian mushrooms, silken tofu, carrot, sprouts, spring onion(V)(GF) 15
Wok Price
Crispy pork hock, sweet sour glaze, crispy shallots, coriander, red rice (GF) 16
Chicken curry with vermicelli, long beans, mushroom, chilli jam & herbs (GF) 17
Vietnamese red curry of pumpkin, eggplant & roast cashew with steamed rice (V) (GF) 16
Red rice, greens, quinoa & herbs (GF) add salmon with XO sauce 18